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Our Mission

Throughout each year, Tronic Vape is literally all over the map as the team travels to various industry trade shows across the United States. Inspired by our passion for the vaping community—coupled with a flair for trying new things—Tronic Vape unveils its National Line! We have taken our favorite desserts and sweet treats from the places we visit, and created this latest and greatest lineup of e-liquids tailored to the area code from which those tasty goodies were made famous. Now you can not only vape your local flavor, but also have a taste of America as you fall in love with each of our featured area codes. In its uniquely pure fashion, Tronic’s National Line will leave your customers wondering whose code is next!

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Franklins Maitai E Juice: Slip away to the Islands with this luxurious cocktail of tropical fruit. The smooth definite coconut inhale is followed by an exhale of both melons and bananas...

Cash E Juice

Cash E Juice comes in six flavors and is tasty to the taste buds. The Flavors are Franklins MaiTai, Grants Cereal E Juice, Jacksons Parfet, Hamiltons Soda, Lincolns Licorice, and Washingtons Foster E Juice. All of Cash E Juice is made to offer a flavor palate that is diverse and delicious.
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I received my sample pack about a week ago and I really love this E-Juice. I split with my business partner the E-Juice that was left and he thinks it’s great too! We placed our order two days later and it should be her tomorrow. When a Wholesale E Juice supplier goes through so much for branding and has customer service and fast delivery the way Draper Vape does you can’t go wrong… I am glad I found Cash E Juice because I know this will do well in my shop.

E Juice Wholesale

It’s like anything this company comes up with is more delish than the last. The one I like the most is Washington’s Foster the most. What can I say; I love Banana… I am seriously impressed with the branding as well. I am a Graphic Design major and if the outside of the bottle is not appealing to me I wont even take a chance on it. I really don’t care how good it is if not branded well. The branding will tell you how thorough the company is when making their E Juice.  Just my opinion… Thank-You Draper Vape and Nate for allowing me to try this before it’s release… Please let me know when I can try out National.

ABBY's Vaper

Scientists Shocked After E Cig Test Results!!! Vaping Indoors OK?

10 Aug

Scientists Shocked After E Cig Test Results!!! Vaping Indoors OK? Scientists Shocked After E Cig Test Results!!! Vaping Indoors OK? Over and over again, we’ve heard public health officials argue that we simply do not have enough scientific data to be certain that electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to tobacco. But the truth is […]

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